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How the series will end

I have looked at the names of the last few episodes. The second last episode will be called "Game Over." The finale will be called "Ignition."
I have theorised a few possible ways the series will end, and I was wondering what you all thought of it.
I have come up with three reasons why the second last episode is called "Game Over." Either it's game over for the toys, because they have no more access to Xbox Live.
Or maybe they will use Jon's second console, the one with the "messed up disc drive" to catch Eugene by surprise and ban him from the network. It could be game over for Eugene's clan.
Or it could be game over for Chief's secret about Cortana's disapperance. To get the console with the messed up disc drive, Arbiter would have to go get it from the closet, and the closet is where Chief hid Cortana's stand after her death. In the episode "B&" Chief just stood there while Arbiter searched for Halo: Reach. It's likely that he would probably be smoking by the window or something while Arbiter searches for the console and finds Cortana's stand.
Ignition means to start a fire. The constant mention of the smoke alarm in Season 7 could be foreshadowing something. I doubt an actual fire would take place, though. I think the word Ignition is used to signify that it could start something. As in start a fight between the toys. If my third theory about Game Over is right, the truth about Cortana's disappearance could ignite a brawl between the toys, leading to Arbiter mutilating Chief.
In Greenlit, the scene where the toys talk about banning Eugene's clan shows how much Chief has matured. I think in the aftermath of Chief's death, Arbiter will realise how much he enjoyed Chief's company, and this will make him want to kill himself.
The bullet holes and blood could be caused by Greg, because Greg is not a toy, he is an actual spider, but I doubt Jon has a gun in the apartment becaue Chief would probably have done something with it by now.
Seeing as Eugene has a "faceless army" according to Colin, Eugene might get one of them who lives in Vancouver to teach the toys a lesson. Jon might be returning to the apartment and gets blamed for it, and murdered. This might seem unlikely, but trust me, these days, there are a lot of people who would do anything for money. Especially if they needed it to buy drugs, because drugs are really addictive.
Now we can keep tossing these theories and guesses around, but in the end, they are just theories. The only way we will ever know is if we sit patiently, and wait.
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