Adam McIntyre
Voice Actor Khail Anonymous
Gender Male
Affiliations Chaos Theosis
First Appearance Genesis
Last Appearance Cradle to Grave
Status: Alive (Incarcerated)
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Oo_PuFf_Da_Chr0n1k_420_oO
"You'll fucking pay for this one day, Mom, you hear me!? I hope you die in a fire, you fucking cunt! I hope you fucking die!"
— Adam's last words to his mother in "Cradle to Grave"

Adam MacIntrye is a foul-mouthed, homophobic & disrespectful eight year old boy addicted to video games such as Halo: Reach, who served as a member of the hacker/cyberterrorist clan Chaos Theosis.


Adam's personality and attitude is very crude, short tempered and can be described as callous or evil. He had absolutely no respect for his mother, often calling her a "bitch" and a "whore" (however he did admit that he had had a slight bit of respect for her before she reached her breaking point). He also claims to hate school. He is always playing on his Xbox 360, which earns him a claim of having "nintenditis" from Kylie. He also throws tantrums a lot and claims Halo: Reach is his escape from reality. He has no sense of remorse, and revels in causing carnage and banning players, regardless of them being TOSERS or not.

He acts like he has full control over his house, or at least his room, and has no respect for anyone, possibly excepting Clyde, and hates anyone telling him what to do, constantly defying his mother, and even refused to visit his dying grandmother.

He also demonstrates rude behavior towards his "friends", going as far as threatening to ban one of them when they defy him, such as when he angrily reprimands one of them for saying he should give his mother more respect.

Adam has a lot of similarities to Master Chief; even Arbiter stated that Adam was the human version of Chief for having such a foul mouth, repetitive use of mother jokes and creativity of insults.


Before Chaos TheosisEdit

Adam was born to the McIntyre family, which consists of his mother and his father. Some time after his birth, his father left him and his mother.

According to his mother, Adam was a happy kid at this point of his life. However, he took upon a far more aggressive and rude personality after being introduced to online gaming.

Role in Chaos TheosisEdit

Adam's role within the anarchist group, Chaos Theosis was primarily as an enforcer rather than a strategist; compared to Duncan or Kylie, he was much more straight-forward in the clan's cruel and brutal mass bannings to get the OMN and TOSERS's attention, banning people whenever he feels like it and openly enjoying it through cruel taunts and hate language.

Because of his vulgar language, loud and hostile mannerisms and misogynist attitude, he was extremely disliked by fellow team-member Kylie. Clyde appears to tolerate him, never bringing up his attitude and Duncan cracks wise-jokes about his age and immaturity. Adam favors total destruction over stealth compared to Kylie or Clyde. He is seen sporting weapons such as the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher (and also a Drop Shield on one occasion to escape from Arbiter and Chief).

As part of Chaos Theosis' demonstration of their capability to ban players with Fragban to the OMN administrators, in their demand to have TOSERS disbanded, Adam interrogated a player for his Xbox LIVE gamertag and banned him immediately afterwards. Adam also joined his clan on various assaults on online matches, including a TOSERS skill evaluation match, in which he banned several moderators.

Adam later joined Clyde in the private networks where they were checking the progress on the distribution of Fragban. Adam immediately recognized Master Chief and Arbiter from their earlier encounter in the evaluation match. Although Adam was almost fragged by Chief, he was miraculously saved by a sudden blackout taking place at Jon's apartment, causing their Xbox 360 to switch off, in turn kicking them from the game.

Adam also joined the rest of the clan during their assault on the main TOSERS server, where Adam fragged several moderators, including Claire Ferguson and the moderator of basic division, Leonard

His mother had soon decided that he was getting out of control and thus sent him into a mental facility.

However, he has since been confirmed to return in Season 8 though the reason why he has gained access to Halo is yet unknown.


Cradle to Grave Episode Picture

Adam after being fragged by Arbiter & Chief.

After TOSERS was disbanded as a result of the successful attack, Master Chief and Arbiter decided to deal with Chaos Theosis themselves. They created a "Shit list", including all four members of Chaos Theosis, and Adam was the one they decided to eliminate first, because his fragging of Claire caused Arbiter to bare a grudge against him.

After being chased by the Arbiter and Chief to his custom map, Adam was finally cornered. His mother then entered his room with a corrections officer, informing him that he was to go to a correctional facility. While Adam broke down crying as he pitifully pleaded for them to reconsider, his mother was oblivious to his hollow promises. He then called support from his friends, even Arbiter and Chief, all of whom refused to support him. In the end, he was dragged away by the correctional facility officer, spouting swear words and yelling that he hoped to see his mother dead. Arbiter then proceeded to frag him as he was taken away. 


The overall characterisation of Adam has been praised due to his evilness, but many viewers called for his in-game death since his debut, due to his unlikeably horrible nature. Creator, Jon Graham, stated in the commentary of Cradle to Grave that he deliberately created a character for viewers to hate and that it felt more rewarding when that character got his comeuppance. Khail Anonymous has also been praised for his voice work as the character. Many viewers reacted very positively to Adam's death, saying it was well deserved and had been long coming.


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  • Adam is said by Kylie to have "nintenditis", a disorder where the affected person is so obsessed with gaming that they neglect everyday themselves and in extreme cases defecating on themselves instead of pausing the game to go to the bathroom. There is a similarly named true disorder called Nintendinitis, which causes Arthritis in the hands of those who game frequently, but Nintenditis is not a real disorder.
  • In a behind the scenes video, a rough draft script of the episode Femme Fatale revealed that Adam was Clyde's brother. As this idea never made it into the final cut of the episode, it is considered non-canon.
  • His gamertag is not a possible gamertag because it consists of characters that are not allowed in making an Xbox LIVE gamertag and it is too long.
  • Adam shares a similar fate to Colin Hunt in season 7. Both him and Colin were forced off of their Xboxes by the police during a crucial moment.
  • Adam's name may be a reference to the clown from Dead Rising, Adam MacIntyre.
  • Adam is similar to Tyler King from Season 7. Both are members of a notorious clan of hackers who frag anyone they come across, are very malicious during matches, have very foul mouths, have short tempers, abusive to another living creature (Tyler physically abuses his dog Charlie whereas Adam verbally abuses his mother) both where fragged during a stand off against both Arbiter & Chief (Tyler gets mauled by Charlie and Adam is dragged away by Gordon Jones) which gives them enough time to frag both. Lastly, both were voiced by Khail Anonymous at some points.