This is a list of notable quotes said by Adam in Arby 'n' the Chief.

"You move that thing another inch, or fire one more round off that turret,we blow the SHIT out of you peckerheads! Get out. ALL OF YOU! I'm pretty sure I don't have a stutter, assholes! Get out of the fucking car and line your asses up! You too, green guy! Up here! Yes, I'm talking to you, retard! Let's go!"
"I don't give a fuck! I'm in the middle of a clan meeting and the hospital's like an hour from here! It's not like Grandma ever got me anything cool anyway, just socks and other stupid shit!"
Chaos Theosis
"NO, she bought me Mass Effect, which I didn't even want, and I had to walk all the way to the goddamn store to get it exchanged! RPG's suck DICK! Everybody just talks all the fucking time! I just wanna KILL SHIT!"
Chaos Theosis
"Wassup?! You're fucked now by the way. The More You Know!"
"Don't tempt me. Your empty threats are only giving me more incentive! I'd keep my mouth shut unless you want me to blow this cunt sky high"
"English can suck my dick! I can speak English already, Mom! And I'm never going to write a book, I can barely even read any, books are gay! We have TV now, in case you haven't noticed!"
"Wow. That was SAD. Thanks for embarrassing me in front of my friends! Bang-up job! I'll tell you what you can do: you can get your ass the FUCK back downstairs and bring me up some chocolate milk PRONTO. Oh, and way to go giving up all your power there, by the way. Believe it or not, I had a little respect for you up until this point for at least standing your ground. It's long fucking gone now! No wonder dad left you, you fucking spineless bitch!"
Cradle to Grave
"Who asked YOU anything? But I'll indulge. YES. Yes it WAS. Bitches gotta know there PLACE! Sorry you're too fucking BETA to let THAT sink in!"
— Cradle to Grave
"Oh, you thought that was a little out of line, did you? What do you have to fucking say on the matter? Pray tell, I'm all fucking ears!"
— Cradle to Grave
"Mom, please! Listen to me! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry okay? Please don't fucking send me-- I'm mean, please don't send me to Juvy please! I'll be good! I'll be good from now on, I promise! Just get rid of this guy, things will be good again just like you remember it! I swear! I swear to god, okay?"
— Cradle to Grave

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