The Rulebook


  1. All articles must be related to existing Arby 'n' The Chief canon (except for this one). If you create an article that is not related to the canon, you will receive a warning. The second time you do so, you will be blocked for one week.
  2. Do not spam the comments sections. Doing so will result in a warning. The second time you do so, you will be blocked for two weeks.
  3. No flaming. Users caught in a flame war will be warned approximately three times. The fourth time will result in a one-month block.
  4. Vandalism is NOT allowed. If you are caught vandalizing, you will receive one warning. The second time you do so, you will be blocked for three weeks.
  5. Do NOT mouth off to the admins.
  6. Severe profanity is not allowed. If you are caught saying f**k, s**t, or any other offensive and/or vulgar word(s), you will be warned. The second time you violate this rule, you will be blocked for a day.
  7. If an edit war breaks out, it is the responsibility of the users editing to come to a compromise or else an administrator will warn the two quarreling. If the edit war continues, an admin is allowed to block both of the users.
  8. Abusing admin powers (unprovoked blocking, deleting comments without proper reason, etc.) will result in a warning for the admin. The next time the admin abuses his/her powers, they will be stripped of their powers for one week. Continuing offenses will result in elongated stripping of powers until it is seen fit that a block is necessary.
  9. If any two or more of these rules are simultaneously violated to a severe enough extent, you may be banned for up to 1 year or as long as an administrator sees fit.

It is MANDATORY that all users on the wiki follow these rules to maintain a well-kept community.

The Administrators

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