Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.
Arby chief l.a.
Genre Comedy
Format Live action puppetteering
Created by Ron Campbell
Starring Microsoft Sam
Microsoft Mike
Ben Nix-Bradley
Ralph Sanchez
John Yniguez
Jon Graham
Opening theme "Greatest Journey", Martin O'Donnell, Halo 3 OST
Country of origin United States
Language English
No. of episodes 13
Running time 6 - 18 minutes

Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A. was a series created by as a spin-off to Arby 'n' the Chief. The series aired between November 2009 and May 2010. Unlike the main series, Jon Graham had little influence on this series.

Overview Edit

On November 2, 2009, After the release of the proposed series finale to Arby 'n' the Chief; Endgame, announced that a sequel to the series named "Arby n the Chief in L.A." was in production. Jon Graham stated on his blog that he would not be working on the project, and that has taken complete control of the series. However, would still going to go to Jon for him to provide tips and information to help with series continuity.

Unlike the previous seasons, Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.'s entire season has a story. After moving into Claire's house, Jon and Claire begin to start a relationship. Arbiter is jealous of their relationship due to him and Chief being the reason why Jon is with Claire and not him. Bored of his new lifestyle, Arbiter ventures through L.A. (with Master Chief tagging along) and together find a building called "The Brofessional Gamers." Upon entering the building, Master Chief and The Arbiter meet living toys of Sonic the Hedgehog, Luigi, and Toad, who are all serving a tyrannical giant figurine of Mario, who has a great hatred for anything Halo-related.

Due to the poor reception of the first two episodes, much to his dismay, Jon Graham stated that he was asked by Machinima to fly to L.A. and help them with the third episode to "give the new crew a running start." However, he was denied entrance into the United States; the new arrangement was for Jon to write the scripts and manage the voices, while a film crew in LA does all the actual production.

It is unlikely that the series will continue, due to it's unpopularity compared to the main series made by Jon Graham. Jon himself stated on his blog that he still doesn't consider this entry in the series his anymore due to its negative reception.

Cast Edit


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
LA 1 "Dear Jon" November 20, 2009 LA-01 1
Arbiter's and Chief's new lifestyle with Claire gets boring so the toys decide to go on an Adventure.
LA 2 "Walking in LA" November 20, 2009 LA-02 2
Arbiter and Chief visit several sights in LA while they are searching for the Zoo.
LA 3 "Lost" December 5, 2009 LA-03 3
Arbiter and Chief are now lost and are having second thoughts about going to the Zoo in fear of what could happen to them.
LA 4 "Breaking and Entering" January 16, 2010 LA-04 4
Master Chief gets into an argument with Arbiter about going home. The toys then find a house called "The Brofessional Gamers."
LA 5 "Ensemble" January 30, 2010 LA-05 5
Arbiter and Chief meet Sonic, Luigi, and Toad, whom are all want them to leave in fear of their boss, Mario, finding out.
LA 6 "Clash of the Titans" February 13, 2010 LA-06 6
Arbiter confronts Mario about staying while Chief plays Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox.
LA 7 "The Dark Side" February 27, 2010 LA-07 7
Arbiter becomes conflicted after a deal made by Mario about staying at the Brofessional Gamers.
LA 8 "Two Betrayals" March 13, 2010 LA-08 8
Master Chief finds a hidden copy of Halo 3, but is thrown out of the building after Arbiter agree to Mario's deal.
LA 9 "Exile" March 27, 2010 LA-09 9
Chief and Arbiter are both dealing with depression about the situations they are in.
LA 10 "Alone" April 10, 2010 LA-10 10
Mario betrays Arbiter and has him locked up, along with Sonic. Master Chief also gets his foot stuck while playing by himself.
LA 11 "Outcasts" April 24, 2010 LA-11 11
Luigi and Toad are kicked out of the building after objecting to kill Arbiter and Sonic. As a result, they meet Chief.
LA 12 "Counter-Strike" May 8, 2010 LA-12 12
Chief, Toad, and Luigi devise a plan to rescue Arbiter and Sonic before they are killed by Mario.
LA 13 "Game Over" May 22, 2010 LA-13 13
Mario and Chief battle it out while Luigi and Toad hurry to save Arbiter and Sonic from being microwaved.
Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.


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Arby 'n' the Chief: In L.A. received an overwhelmingly negative response from fans and casual viewers alike upon release, and continues to be reviled today. The series has been criticized for its poor direction, writing and style of comedy, with some viewers going so far as to call it a disgrace to the main franchise. In addition, many viewers found the new characters to be unlikeable, and even outright irritating. The series' portrayal of Mario in particular has been heavily panned. Other criticism has been aimed at the poor acting, dull original voices, logical inconsistencies and generally hokey premise of the show, with some calling it a cynical move on Machinima's part.


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