Blumpkinbeast666's in-game avatar.
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Unnamed MLG clan
First Appearance Reapers (mentioned and in-game armor only)
Last Appearance In Memoriam (mentioned and in-game armor only)
Status: Deceased
Online Status Inactive
Gamertag blumpkinbeast666

Blumpkinbeast666 was a former MLG clan member.

Season 7Edit

He was addicted to Halo, and was attempting to be the greatest Halo player in existance. He would play for extremely long sessions, and apparently was failing all of his classes in school as a result. His addiction eventually led to his death; he died from a stroke after a blood clot in his leg dislodged and traveled through an opening in his heart and blocked a blood vessel in his brain.

He was given an in-game memorial service dedicated to his life, which several of his online acquaintances attended. The funeral was crashed by Eugene Black's clan, with all of its attendees fragged.


Blumpkinbeast666 created a rap song that he requested be played in the event that he "dropped dead playing Halo". It was played during his funeral.


"ugh yeah uha

im a booty loving gangsta my bitches are so fine.

no-one better cross me or they be dining on my nine.

smoking chronic like a gangster earning fat stacks of fifties.

bouncing with my bitches and sucking on their tities "

Blumpkinbeast666 Rap - (Arby 'n' the Chief)00:17

Blumpkinbeast666 Rap - (Arby 'n' the Chief)

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