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It's Christmas eve. Chief is seen wearing his Christmas vest and hanging his stocking on the wall as the nutcracker sweet is heard playing.Neaby post it notes say. "santa all presints in h33r :) K? K."

  • Chief:"arbitur / is u gonna hung up ur stockign 4 santa? cuz its sexmas remembir? lol remembir? remembir its sexmas"

Arbiter as seen preparing a gift" to Chief from Santa".

  • Arbiter:"Have you hung yours?"
  • Chief:"yes im well hung / ROFL "
  • Arbiter:"Cheeky Chief is cheeky."
  • Chief:"so ch33ky"
  • Arbiter:"Too cheeky.Hang on just give me a second."
  • Chief:"NO"

Arbiter puts Chiefs present in the closet and shuts the door.Arbiter goes to Chief.

  • Chief:"i cant wait 1 moar singl secinds 2 pleh halo combat revolved university edishen / a brand new halos / mien / all mien / santa bettar stop heer 1st or imma be so >:( [angry face]"
  • Arbiter:"Out of seven billion people living on the planet you insist that he make this apartment his first stop?"
  • Chief:"i doesnt think its 2 much too axe / besieds i deserved it / ive b33n liek rly rly gud"
  • Arbiter:"Others might say otherwise."
  • Chief:"liek who?"
  • Arbiter:"Liek everybody...ever."
  • Chief:"tahts horseshit / i've been ossim / i've b33n lettign u pleh skyward dicks every goddamn day"
  • Arbiter:"For like five eight minutes following your twenty-four hour nonstop Reach sessions before you start bitching  for the controller back again and throwing shit at me. Oh the sacrifices you've made. Thanks, prick."
  • Chief:"adn its all cuz im so generis"
  • Arbiter:"By the way you didn't just say "university",did you?"
  • Chief:"ya / i wants it arbitur / and if i doesnt get it imma kick santas fat fuckign ass / th3n imma raep and kill and eat all his raind33r / om nom nom"
  • Arbiter:"That's not very christmassy."
  • Chief:"i dunt give a shit / fuck teh police."

Arbiter starts walking away.

  • Arbiter:"Well, I strongly suggest you consider balancing our game time a little more reasonably if you want any hope of santa bringing you Anniversary."
  • Chief:"university arbitur"
  • Arbiter:"It's Halo's tenth anniversary, why the fuck would they call it university?"
  • Chief:"cuz mastur ch33f saevs teh whoel entire universe remembir? lol remembir arbitur? has u evar even plehed halos b4? omg ur dum"
  • Arbiter:"...I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too late."
  • Chief:"no u"
  • Arbiter:"Okay, Chief."

Arbiter leaves. Chief starts emptying a bag of thumb tacks into Arbiter's stocking.

  • Chief:"call meh a prick / i give u a prick / lolololllololollolololollolol / merry crissmiss fuckface"

Fade to black. Text is shown "To be continued! Merry Christmas!"

Credits roll. The end.

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