Voice Actor Jennifer Espino
Gender Female
Affiliations Unnamed Clan
First Appearance Barbie 'n' the Chief
Last Appearance Dead Weight
Status: Alive
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown

Emma was a character that first appeared in the second episode of season 7.



Emma is a kind, friendly and positive girl gamer that is the leader of an unnamed clan on Xbox LIVE. The clan promotes competitive, yet friendly behavior online. 

Emma invited several players to the clan, including Master Chief. Her kind behavior lead Chief to believe that she wanted to be his girlfriend. However, she later told him otherwise and banned him from the clan because of his rude behavior to the other members.

Despite her attempts to raise awareness of the clan, only four new members joined within a single month. However, Emma remained faithful.

Her entire clan, including herself, was fragged by Master Chief, operating with another clan, who sought revenge for her rejection of him. 

Emma apparently had a full friends list on Xbox LIVE.

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