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Viewer Discretion Warning is shown. Opening credits roll.

[The scene starts with text stating that it's the next morning. The camera then cuts to Arbiter sleeping under what appears to be a specticle wipe. Arbiter then wakes and looks towards the window, which is covered by a closed blind.]

  • Arbiter: Hope Chief's okay.

[The camera switches to the box that Arbiter and Chief were previously sleeping within in Walking in L.A. Chief is seen sleeping under a newspaper page. He then wakes up from his slumber.]

  • Chief: yay mourneng / tiem 4 hal0

[Chief looks around to see that he is outside, and not in The Brofessional Gamers building.]

  • Chief: o ya / fawk / dis sux DIC / itz 2 baad i don hav ani sawx / cuz den i wood hav sawx en mye bawx / hay chek owt mi bawx sawx

[The camera switches to Sonic sitting in a cupboard, with Mario holding the door open.]

  • Sonic: Mario no! Mario this isn't cool man, don't do this!
  • Mario: Shut up! Or I'll break your other leg. (Closes the cupboard door)
  • Sonic: Mario! Marioooooo! Hey! Let me outta here aaaaagh! (Continues bashing on the cupboard door whilst trying to get Mario's attention)
  • Mario: (To Luigi) What's up with you? You look like you just ate some bad pasta.
  • Luigi: I find your actions equally saddening, Mario.
  • Mario: Sonic needs to learn to do what he's fucking told!
  • Luigi: Let him out, Mario.
  • Mario: Okay, Luigi.
  • Luigi: Really?
  • Mario: NO! You know why? Because this is MY building, Luigi! And I'm your older brother! You do not tell ME what to do, I tell YOU what to do! Now, no more questions. No more remarks and no more puppy dog eyes, or you? You will go in the cupboard with them too.
  • Luigi: What do you mean, 'them'?
  • Mario: I've arranged for Sonic to have a, uh... a roommate.

[The scene changes to Arbiter looking out the previously mentioned window, reconsidering what he'd done.]

  • Arbiter: I think I made a mistake.

[Toad is seen approaching Arbiter from the floor.]

  • Toad: Hey Arbiter. What's up?
  • Arbiter: Just thinking.
  • Toad: Wait, you're not having second thoughts, are you?
  • Arbiter: ...Kind of.
  • Toad: Come on, man, to hell with Master Chief, has he ever done anything to deserve your respect?
  • Arbiter: ...No.
  • Toad: Then fuck him, shit I couldn't even understand him half the time, he's such an idiot. And that Microsoft Sam voice? Jesus, gets a little hard on the ears after a while. I can't imagine being subjected to that for years.
  • Chief: Yeah... I guess you're right.
  • Toad: Good. Now that that's out of the way, Mario wants to see you.
  • Arbiter: Wouldn't want to keep him waiting.
  • Toad: I don't plan to.

[Arbiter is suddenly captured with what seems to be a plastic bag.]

  • Arbiter: Aah!!!

End credits roll.

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