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Master Chief
Master Chief
Master Chief as he appears in Arby 'n' the Chief.
Voice Actor Microsoft Sam
Gender Male
Affiliations TOSERS (formerly)
Mai n00bz
Eugene Black's Clan (formerly)
First Appearance Master Chief Sucks at Halo
Last Appearance Triple Fault
Status: Unknown
Online Status Inactive
Gamertag Masturch33f777777769reechisawesome ENCRYPT nz
"i r guy who gon t33ch u less0n!"
— "Pilot"

Master Chief (often referred to as "Chief"), was a Halo 2 series 1 action figure of John-117 manufactured by Joyride Studios. He is the protagonist in the Master Chief Sucks at Halo trilogy and one of the protagonists alongside the Arbiter in the Arby 'n' the Chief series.

Character history Edit

Living alone Edit

Before Arbiter's arrival, Chief lived alone in Jon's apartment doing nothing but playing video games and drink alcoholic beverages and Mountain Dew. Chief started playing the Halo 3 beta before it went down, which angered him greatly and later sent him into a heavy depression. After attempting to commit suicide by drowning himself in the toilet (which went unsuccessfully), Chief decided to play Halo 2 online, and after a series of failures and wins, Chief was booted from a session and decided to look up the news on Bungie's website, and discovered that Halo 3 was being released on September 25th, 2007. He would later play the newly released game, and managed to get a headshot with the sniper rifle, which led him to make a montage.

Arbiter's arrival Edit

One day, a delivery man dropped off a package left for Jon and Chief becomes curious as to what it was, and learned that the package was an Arbiter Halo 2 Series 5|series 5 action figure, created by the same company as himself.

Later that day, Chief heard a sound coming from the kitchen, and saw that the action figure's package was ripped open. Frightened, Chief grabbed a knife. As he investigated further, he was tackled by the Arbiter action figure. While they constantly competed and argued with each other, they sometimes got along, Arbiter even managing to convince Bungie to give Chief Recon armor for him.

Cortana, Todd and Travis Edit

During a Halo 3 match, Arbiter observed the poor behavior Chief had towards girls, and decided to teach him how to treat girls correctly. After his training was seemingly "complete", Chief displayed his poor, sexist behavior again when a new toy arrived. This time, the toy was a Cortana Halo 3 Series 1|series 1 figurine. Chief attempted to woo Cortana with his "charms", but after she critcized his map, he insulted her in a sexist manner, causing her to hate him.

Two more action figures were delivered to the house later, Todd and Travis. Chief almost instantaneously hated Todd when he began a relationship with Cortana and while he initially got along well with Travis, Chief began to hate him too after he played a prank towards him in relation to Cortana. Chief attempted to murder them both with a knife, but was stopped by Cortana and Arbiter.

Chief seemingly lost his crush on Cortana and started to hate her. All three toys mysteriously disappeared afterwards.

Amputations Edit

Being an action figure, Chief eventually began to deteriorate; his helmet's visor started constantly falling off and he was forced to almost completely wrap duct tape around his body to keep it together. Chief cut off his foot in a effort to get his Recon Armor back, in a later episode but on Christmas day of 2010, his foot was returned to him by "Santa" (implied to be Arbiter) and he used tape to put it back on.

After a brawl with Arbiter, Chief's right arm was broken off. Again, Chief used tape to put it back on.

In the series finale, after Arbiter learned about Cortana's disappearance, he threw Chief against a wall causing him to be snapped in half away from his legs.

Greg & Season 5 Edit

One day, a spider named Greg entereted Jon's apartment, scaring both Arbiter and Chief. While both were initially repulsed by it, Arbiter later welcomed the spider when it revealed that it only wanted to "hang out". Chief, however, developed an instant hatred of him and constantly insulted him, but after Greg wrapped Chief in webbing, never attempted to physically harm him.

After being defeated by a pair of MLG players, Chief began to acknowledge his lack of skill at Halo. Arbiter eventually decided to teach Master Chief how to be good at Halo and Chief's skill improved greatly. Chief had a rematch with the two MLG players alongside Arbiter, and came close to winning.

The trio of Chief, Arbiter and Greg also created a show named Hypernews, which quickly became successful.

Meanwhile, an in-game wedding in Halo: Reach was set to take place between Claire Ferguson, a friend of Arbiter's, and Trent Donnovich, the CEO of game company Bad Games. Although Arbiter attempted to hide the existence of the wedding from Chief, he failed when Chief noticed Arbiter received a message from Trent, inviting Arbiter for a tour of the church the wedding was to take place at. Chief wanted to crash the wedding, thinking it would be funny and having already crashed one before. However, he agreed not to if Arbiter would allow him to come for the tour. Arbiter initially refused, but after Chief threatened to do everything he could to crash the wedding if Arbiter wouldn't let him come, he agreed to. After the tour, Chief managed to convince Trent to let him come to the wedding.

Suspicious of Chief's behaviour, Arbiter asked Greg to lock Chief in the bathroom, so that he couldn't come to Trent's stag. However, Chief managed to break free, and entered the server of the stag intending to crash it, where he overheard Trent making sexual advances towards another woman.

Afterwards, Trent kicked both Arbiter and Chief from the server and prevented them from communicating with Claire or accessing the server of the wedding, so that they couldn't reveal his secret.

While Arbiter was defeated by these turn of events and was drinking alcohol by himself, Chief attempted to murder Greg with a knife for locking him in the bathroom, and although he was stopped by Arbiter, Greg decided to leave the apartment anyway. Furious at Chief, Arbiter knocked him out cold.

As a TOSER Edit

Four months after being banned from Xbox LIVE, Master Chief and Arbiter found out about the Terms of Service Enforcement Response Squad. Arbiter intially refused to join, but Chief immediately signed up. During the evaluation interview, Chief was denied access because of his crude behaviour and language. However, Arbiter managed to convince Leonard to allow Chief to join, as a level -1 member.

Master Chief continued to violate the Xbox LIVE terms of service and used obscene language in front of other gamers, despite having joined TOSERS. Chief was booted from TOSERS, and Arbiter along with him, due to them using the same Xbox 360 console. Before they left the server, Arbiter spoke with Leonard again, and convinced him to let them remain moderators, due to their past experience with hackers. Chief was also promoted to level 0, because he needed the ability to use more powerful weapons and armor abilities in the private servers, while searching for Chaos Theosis' hacks. Shortly after, Chief was granted Level 3 access because Chaos Theosis was attacking the main TOSERS server. However, Leonard, who allowed this, was fragged immediately afterwards.

As a reward for neutralizing Chaos Theosis, Chief and Arbiter were given back full Xbox LIVE access.

Cortana's return Edit

Shortly after Chief and Arbiter's role in TOSERS ended, Cortana and Greg returned to Jon's apartment. Just as before, Chief and Cortana immediately started bickering and arguing again. After being rejected by a girl he met over Xbox LIVE, Chief behaved obnoxiously towards Cortana, Greg and Arbiter while they were playing scrabble. Cortana ranted towards Chief, which greatly offended him. In retaliation, Chief waited for everyone else to fall asleep, and then trapped Cortana inside the oven. Intending to scare her into saying sorry for what she said, Chief turned the oven on, unaware that it was plugged in, and Cortana was incinerated alive. Chief swiftly flushed her remains down the toilet and hid the plastic plate her figure stood on. He also persauded Greg, who had witnessed what happened, not to tell Arbiter the truth.

Despite claiming not to be affected by Cortana's "disappearance" to Arbiter, Chief found himself unable to cope with what he had done, and started smoking. Soon, his smoking habits became more demanding, and Chief started to suffer from nicotine withdrawal once he ran out of cigarettes, and at one point, resorts to smoking Lucky Charms. Later on, after celebrating Greg's departure from the apartment, Chief saw a brief apparition of Cortana, which left him spooked even the next day, as he continued looking at the table where he "saw" Cortana on.

Death Edit

— Chief's last words
Final Moments

Chief and Arbiter's final moments.

Arbiter finally learns the truth about Cortana's disappearance. Enraged that all the events that have transpired was Chief's inadvertant doing, Arbiter angrily attacks him and rips him to pieces leaving Chief incapacitated. In the morning after, Arbiter tries to reassemble him, only managing to complete his upper torso, but Chief doesn't respond and was still speaking gibberish. He however manages to fixate it by banging himself against the wall three times. Subsequently, he started calling out to Cortana, foreshadowing the fight earlier that she was the center of. After the Master Chief notices the matchbox he threw earlier, he devises a plan to commit suicide and stop both of the toys' grueling experiences. Later, Arbiter finds Chief in the kitchen running gas on the stove, ready to light the last match. Chief explains that there is no point in living anymore, justifying that their adventures were over to which Arbiter agrees. Arbiter calls the landlord to deliver a quick and relentless warning so that the other tenants can escape before the apartment building is engulfed in flames. After Arbiter and Chief talk for an extended period of time, the fire alarm sounds off. Chief questions Arbiter on whether they will go to Hell or not. Arbiter jokingly says that Chief will be sent to Hell, and briefly recurs his agnosticism. Chief then requests in the event that they are sent to the afterlife, they should go through the front door together. Arbiter obliges. Chief drops one final smiley emoticon with a tear to his eye, and proceeds to light the match and detonate the stove, destroying the apartment and ending both his and Arbiter's lives.

Season 8 Edit

Four years after his Apartment's destruction, Jon ordered new Master Chief and Arbiter action figures. The toys were delivered in a box to his New Apartment. At some point, the Master Chief figure inexplicably came to life with Chief's restored memories and personality. Chief struggled out of the box and was momentarily stunned by the implications of his return. He examined the Apartment, recognizing the Guy Fawkes Mask that he had become enamored with years earlier. He then scoffed at noticing the Novelization of 2001: A Space Odyssey out of contempt for the Film's artistic direction. He soon learned from a birthday letter that he had returned to Jon's possession. After making a casual disparaging remark about Jon and wishing severe bodily harm on his unwanted roommate, Chief realized Arbiter had also returned in the package. Chief sought to wake Arbiter and free him from the packaging, still highly valuing their old friendship. That was until Chief caught a glimpse of the Halo: Reach box. In a scene reminiscent of 2001, Chief approached the box in a religious sense of awe and wonder, completely overcome with his obsession for the Halo Series; although seemingly failing to realize Halo 4 and Halo 5 had been released during the time of his unconsciousness. He then immidiately booted up Jon's old XBOX 360 with excitement of returning to trolling noobs and resuming his quest of becoming the greatest Halo player of all time! Unfortunately, this would be delayed due to Microsoft security parameter updates needing to install. Chief became enraged, throwing the controller, condemning Microsoft, and demanding the instant return of the game. He had completely forgotten about Arbiter's continued unconscious predicament.

Personality Edit

"Woe is Chief, / his mind is closed, / can't see farther than his nose, / he's got no time for hoes, / the leech just plays Reach, / someone ought to teach him with a little speech that there's more out there than Halo but no. / He won't have it. / Just goes to show how low his IQ goes, / it makes my head explode-"
The Arbiter, "The Mail Room II"

Master Chief's character was conceived in the Master Chief Sucks at Halo trilogy as an exaggerated satire of immature Xbox Live players. In an interview with, conducted when Season 1 began, Jon Graham said "Master Chief is the epitome of every illiterate, non-nonsensical [sic] idiot I've come across in the online world, and the Arbiter is basically a representation of me."[1]. Chief is an ill-mannered, impatient, narcissistic gaming fanatic, willing to do anything, including cheating ("B& (Part 1)"), to defeat his oppponents. He also shares the attributes of a typical Internet troll; he very much enjoys disrupting online matches ("Collapse", "Reapers") and upsetting others, often to the point of abuse. The Arbiter often becomes the victim of his shenanigans ("Brawl", "Severance"). Chief also treats female players and women in general with sexism and condescension, treating them as instruments to satisfy his own desires ("Girls", "Legendary", "Conflict - Part 1", "Femme Fatale", "Barbie 'n' the Chief").

Chief also has a rather inflated ego; it was especially boosted when Bungie granted him the Recon armor ("Attitude"). Despite his high pride, he often resorted to playing the victim in order to make others help him out of pity, as he did in Endgame, "Voices of Raisins" (Bytes) and suggested in "Recon".

Chief is poorly skilled at playing Halo; despite that, he fanatically, even religiously follows Microsoft and Bungie, and the Halo series in particular (Bytes: "The Great Evil", "The True Fan", "One Love"). Chief's monomania leads him to call every non-Halo game "teh worst gaem ever", even as Arbiter tries to persuade him to broaden his horizons ("Brawl", "Martyrdom", "Hypernews"). Yet he calls any Halo game that comes before the latest installment terrible.

Chief's language is crude, laden with profanity and sometimes uses graphic metaphors ("Fired Up"). His speech patterns combine elements of leetspeak and the language of lolcat captions. A distinctive element of his speech is spoken emoticons: "sad face" or "mischievous face". Chief's taste in entertainment is quite simplistic; apart from Halo, his favorite pastimes are watching pornography, lolcats and Keys to the VIP. Chief's favorite film is The Human Centipede (Hypermail: "Silly Billies").

As the series developed, so did Chief's personality. In the "Professional" story arc, Chief is shown to be very sensitive: he was reduced to tears when Craig's friends made fun of him. In "Aces and Spaces", Chief is seen to be a quite skilled artist, even though he puts his talents in rather dubious directions. In Season 7, it is revealed he feels quite lonely ("Massive Damage") and that he has grown fond of Arbiter over the years, even though he may be reluctant to admit it ("Ignition"). Chief is also shown to be quite enterpreneurial, although his ventures often appear to be little more than scams (Hypermail: "Voices of Raisins", Bytes: "Premium Club").

Despite his ill manners and sometimes outright cheating behaviour, Chief does seem to have some sense of morality. This becomes visible from Season 5 onwards, and especially in Season 7. He joins Arbiter in crashing the Trent–Claire wedding at least in part because he finds Trent's cheating wrong ("Cheaters"). He is disgusted when he lears that Colin is a pedophile, and decides to stop him ("Take A Seat"); in the very same episode he is also shown to have more common sense than he usually displayed.


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  • Chief's gamertag, Masturch33f777777769reechisawesome, is not possible as it is beyond the limited amount of digits, let alone characters, possible.
  • When Chief is involved in a close up, the camera and puppeteer's reflection can often be seen on his visor.
  • When Chief uses the spartan laser, he imitates the "shoop da whoop" meme.
  • Chief's catchphrase, "no u," was actually first used by the Arbiter in Master Chief Sucks at Halo 2.

References Edit

  1. mrsmiley, DigitalPh33r: Behind Arby n the Chief (archived by Wayback Machine)

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