Season 6, Episode 9 (60)
Air date October 15th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Greg would still be here if you didn't treat him like shit!"
The Arbiter to Master Chief

Remission is the ninth episode in season six of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Chaos Theosis attacks the TOSERS main operations server, killing every moderator in sight. Meanwhile, the toys are still stuck in a power outage.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with The Arbiter and Master Chief playing Scrabble and talking about various topics, such as their bodies beginning to fall apart. An argument arises between the two and Chief flips over the Scrabble board in anger before the power comes back on. The title screen appears.

Chaos Theosis are shown wreaking havoc on the TOSERS main server as moderators are fragged one by one. Claire then comes out of one of the buildings, hearing the warning siren.

Clyde looking out through the window of the ship.

Arbiter and Chief then arrive in the server and meet with Leonard, who brings the two up to speed about what is happening. Chief then runs off as the mod removes their level restrictions in order to stand a chance, making them level 3 TOSERS temporarily. Arbiter then attempts to send the hacks to Leonard, but Adam comes up from behind the mod and frags him. Arbiter and Adam then have a brief encounter before Adam escapes via a mongoose.

After running around, Chief eventually reunites with Arbiter. Soon after, Cody and Cameron arrive in a Falcon while Arbiter confronts Adam again. Adam backs away as Duncan destroys Cody and Cameron's Falcon. Arbiter then discovers that an unactivated grenade shot by Adam is right under Claire. Adam threatens to kill Claire if Arbiter tries anything. Clyde and the others arrive soon after as Arbiter and Chief are congratulated by Clyde for having made it this far. After a brief conversation, the hackers disperse, and as Adam leaves, he lets go of the trigger, making the grenade explode by Claire and ultimately fragging her from the network. Chief and Arbiter then stand by Claire's corpse as havoc occurs all over the Halo network. Allen Radcliffe then makes an official statement, saying that the TOSERS have been dismantled, and that the Halo network will be shut down if the carnage continues. Arbiter watches this broadcast on the computer while chatting with Claire, who says that all of her other accounts have been hacked as well, and that there is a mysterious package being sent to her. Arbiter types back that everything is going to be okay.

Clyde then calls another clan meeting, saying that everything is going to plan, and now that the TOSERS are out of the way, Chaos Theosis can move on to their main

Shit List

goal: destroying the entire Halo network. A shocked Duncan objects to this, asking why they are doing this even though they were fragging people in the first place to make the Halo network a free community. Clyde doesn't answer, and says that everyone will be paid handsomely for it. Duncan reluctantly agrees as Arbiter and Chief compile data about the Chaos Theosis and putting together a hit list in which Chief (though most likely Arbiter) calls the Shit list.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • How to entertain yourself in a power outage
  • How to play rude Scrabble
  • How to kill a TOSER
  • How to cover someone's back
  • How to take matters into your own hands

Reception Edit

Many YouTubers responded positively to the episode, most saying that Claire's fragging was "shocking" and "unexpected."

Trivia Edit

  • A remission is a lessening of amount due, as in either work or money or intensity of a thing.
  • The pictures Arbiter used are available on Jon's Halo: Reach File Share.

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