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Season 8
Genre Dramedy
Science fiction
Format Live-action puppeteering / Machinima
Created by Jon Graham
Starring Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Mike

Opening theme N/A
Country of origin Canada
Language English
No. of episodes 33 (tentative)
Running time  ?

The eighth season of Arby 'n' the Chief is currently being developed independently by Jon Graham under his new production studio moniker Imaginative Logo Productions. Throughout the last quarter of 2014, numerous teasers regarding the writing and production of an eighth season were sent out by Jon as well as a poll asking whether an eighth season should be made. Following the near-unanimous results (84% of the votes were in agreement compared to the opposing 15%), Jon confirmed through many posts on his Twitter that he was indeed working on the eighth season, culminating in a teaser trailer for the season being uploaded by Jon to his YouTube channel. Since then, he has also uploaded fifty songs that will make up the eighth season's soundtrack.

Current Details of the SeasonEdit

According to Jon's blog and Twitter account, season eight is currently planned to feature the following elements:

  • The season will pick up where season 7 left off, with the toys retaining their consciousness somehow, possibly in different bodies.
  • The discussion of how Arbiter and Master Chief possess a consciousness despite being toys and what their purpose in life is.
  • The character of Jon Graham appearing again, possibly with a larger role. 
  • A happier ending, similar to season 6's finale.
  • A returning villain, one that Jon Graham describes as (sic) "the most despicable villain in the series and could possibly make another appearance given the way he went out." There will also be two additional villains, both of which are also characters from previous seasons. [1] In a concept teaser released on August 30th, 2015, a character with a similar appearance to Adam made an appearance.
  • Before coming back to life, Arbiter and Chief would visit their version of the afterlife.
  • An "evil fortress-type" map in Halo: Reach will be one of the settings.
  • The season will "top the rest in laughs, intensity and satisfaction" according to Jon.
  • The premiere will open with a "substantial" flashforward.
    • In addition, the show will contain numerous flash-forwards and flashbacks.


Episodes Edit

Act I Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Mission control "Fatal Exception" 8-01 90
PAL-9001 next to an explosives sign "Nervewreck" 8-02 91
PAL-9001 looking up to Cortana "Party Time" 8-03 92
The Arbiter standing on the edge of the spaceship "Bad Dream" 8-04 93
Arbiter locked out "Reentry" 8-05 94
Lockout "Lockout" 8-06 95
Triple Fault "Triple Fault" 8-07 96
Warhead "Warhead" March 24, 2017 8-08 97
With the ship hijacked by deadly Space Allen soldiers obsessed with violating the rear ends of all lifeforms throughout the universe to death and led by the terrible alien king Xanthar, Arbiter is forced to fight or die.
Act I

Act II Edit

To follow.

Trailers Edit

Trailer 1: Extended Teaser Edit

Season 8 Extended Teaser21:43

Season 8 Extended Teaser

Trailer 2: Concept Teaser Edit

Season 8 Concept Teaser05:30

Season 8 Concept Teaser

References Edit

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