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Zanthar, as he appears in Arby 'n' the Chief
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations None
First Appearance King
Last Appearance King
Status: Alive
Online Status N/A
Gamertag None

Zanthar (no official spelling given) is an alien that was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Todd and Travis. He abducted the two and brought them to his space ship "for no reason". Later, he abducted Cortana as well.


He is seen on-board his spaceship with the three action figures, his location being given as "Gamma Quadrant, Zeegok Sector 849-G6X3000, 394.6 million billion trillion lightyears away from Earth". After letting Todd and Travis play one more game of Halo, he raped the two before eating them. Cortana was put in to an escape pod and fired at an alien sun, since he had no interest in females and it was unrevealed what her actual fate was.

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